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Director of The Successful Parenting Institute, Nancy Kotz, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Gestalt Therapist. She holds academic degrees from The University of Maryland and The University of Pennsylvania and she received her Gestalt Therapy postgraduate training from the renowned Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. Ms. Kotz served as the Director of Clinical Services at the Child Advocacy Commission and Parenting Place Center and continues to teach parenting classes at schools, day care centers and other local organizations. She specializes in counseling individuals, couples and families and teaching the parenting skills that create a healthy family atmosphere. Visit the Successful Parenting Institute website: Link

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8 Tips for a Successful Summer to School Transition

There are certain things you can do to lower anxiety and help make this transition from the “lazy” days of summer to the beginning of the school year smoother for both you and your child. Read more

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10 Tips for Parents - Peace during the Holidays

We can jump through hoops to do everything we can think of to make our children feel the holiday joy, but they decide how they feel. Remember that we can’t control how our children feel, but we can control how we feel and behave. Read more

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Screen Time Stress

Children of all ages would love to stare at screens all day long, except when they need a snack food break. Most of us parents wish the screens would disappear all together, except when we’re trying to cook dinner! Read more

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