Wilmington Parent provides helpful postnatal information for new parents.


No doctor’s appointment is needed and expecting NC parents can join the Early Check study from their computer or smart phone. Read more

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Parents are choosing to supplement the screening that newborn babies routinely receive for medical conditions with additional screening for less common health challenges. Read more

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August is National Breastfeeding month and now more than ever we need to promote mothers, babies, and families who choose to breastfeed. Read more


Tray Buddi

Lauren Jacob

Tray Buddi is an ingenious solution that keeps mealtime messes to a minimum. Enter to win a Tray Buddi for your little one simply by commenting below with why you would like to win by 4/30/17. Read more


A result of new findings suggests that a peanut allergy can be prevented by early introduction of foods containing peanuts. Read more


Tech Tote

Enter to Win a Diono Buggy Tech Tote

The Diono Buggy Tech Tote is a new solution that helps keep children entertained while moms can stay connected and better organized. Read more

Family FInds


The Bump & Beyond

Sponsored - The Bump & Beyond is a space where families can come and shop for items that are mother, baby and child friendly. Read more

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Baby massage

Learning techniques in baby massage may provide parents and babies with the peacefulness they seek. Read more


You’ve heard that breast milk is complete nutrition that’s tailored to a baby’s needs.You’ve heard that breast milk is complete nutrition that’s tailored to a baby’s needs, but there are other, less-often talked about benefits of breastfeeding. Read more


Stainless Steel bottles


Stainless Steel bottles are a safe and unbreakable alternative to plastic and glass bottles. 9/16 DEADLINE TO ENTER. Read more


Teething necklace

Smart Mom Jewelry

Teething Bling is a safe and stylish product to satisfy baby's need to chew. 9/16 DEADLINE TO ENTER. Read more


Baby chewing wing teether

Little Toader

New Teethers for Baby shaped like food. Read more



A joyful collection of quotations and intimate experiences that celebrates pregnancy Read more


Messy Baby


Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

I felt like supermom, that is for a sec, until my back seized up. Read more

Bella says...

Dr J. Richard Gentry

For parents who can't imagine how to read to an infant, here are some guidelines that will help. Read more