Being physically active should be fun and something that the whole family can do together. more

Fit Family Challenge 2016

When things are feeling off-center, it is time to stop and examine the load you are carrying. Take time to reflect and discover what key ingredients are missing in your recipe for balance. more

Fit Family Challenge 2016

The spotlight families have hit the ground running, and have done well with their week 1 nutrition goals. As the families have learned, when it comes to embracing optimal health, food choices matter. But so do fluids! more

Fit Family Challenge 2016

Fit Family Challenge participants can take advantage of free local fitness classes May 1-June 26, 2016, and earn 100 bonus points! more

Fit Family Challenge 2016

Two Wilmington families take on an 8 week challenge working with local Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness experts to achieve a healthier lifestyle. more

Fit Family Challenge 2016

Here are a few simple ideas for sneaking in a workout while spending time at home with your little ones. more


Nutrition and Exercise

As I exercised more, I discovered that I was not getting enough calories to sustain a full workout. more

Fit Family Challenge