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With a little improvisation and creativity, parents can create their own made-up tales. more



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Try these easy chili recipes that deliver on both taste and ease of cooking, while keeping the finicky nature of little palates in mind. more


A result of new findings suggests that a peanut allergy can be prevented by early introduction of foods containing peanuts. more


The reason behind the change comes from the CDC’s recent discovery that the nasal spray is much less effective than the traditional flu shot. more


With the temperatures dropping and winter approaching, cold and flu season is upon us. Now is the time to start thinking about boosting your child’s immune system. more


Roanoke River

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Historic Edenton proves to be a great weekend family get-a-way. more


The positive impact that a close relationship between a grandparent and grandchild can have on the happiness and wellbeing of the entire family. more


Here are a few alternatives for parents who might be trying to keep a peanut-loving child happy inside a peanut-free classroom this school year. more


Here are 15 great conversation starters that you can use all year long to help elicit interesting talks with your kids about their days at school. more



Brooklyn Pizza

Who has the best pizza in Wilmington? See if our readers voted for your favorite pizza. more


Water Beads

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Perler beads offer a variety of creative crafting possibilities, and water beads provide young and old alike with a unique sensory experience. more


Here are a few simple ways to minimize the fighting and maximize the peace in your family. more


Wrightsville Beach Park and Hugh MacRae Park have transformed their previous children’s play areas into new, inclusive playgrounds. more

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Child Sleeping

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This week the American Academy of Sleep Medicine released new sleep guidelines for babies, school-aged children, and teenagers. more

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Experts say that it is the quality of praise, rather than the quantity, that has the most lasting and positive effects on children’s sense of self-worth. more


If you’re like many parents, you probably try to keep your children’s diets as unprocessed and healthy as possible. more


Artwork Orgainizer

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With a little bit of creativity, some suggestions from fellow mom friends, and a bit of internet searching, I can finally say with certainty that I have found several techniques to help organize my children’s artwork. more

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Contrary to what many might expect, researchers from Arizona State University recently discovered that mothers of middle schoolers report feeling more stress than moms with children of other ages. more

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Here are a few simple ideas for sneaking in a workout while spending time at home with your little ones. more


Giving an allowance is a great teaching tool when it comes to educating children about money management, an ability that will become critical as they reach adulthood. more



Wilmington International Airport

Wilmington International Airport, also known as ILM, offers a variety of free and unique ways in which children can get an up close look at air travel. more

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Many families with little ones will soon be hitting the roads this summer while traveling on vacation, and one of the key essentials of any lengthy car trip with kids is the right kind of snacks. more


BBQ chicken


A few simple ingredients makes a delicious meal cooked in the slow cooker. more


kids eat free


Check out this list of restaurants where your kids can eat for free! more

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