pumpkin shake


Pumpkin Pie Milkshake Recipe

A delicious recipe for a refreshing pumpkin milkshake. more »


Thanksgiving Craft


Create a Tablecloth of Gratitude for Thanksgiving

There’s no better time than Thanksgiving to reflect on gratitude, and using arts and crafts as a method for children to express their thankfulness is a great way to begin a fun family holiday tradition. more »


The Right Way to Give Your Child an Allowance

Giving an allowance is a great teaching tool when it comes to educating children about money management, an ability that will become critical as they reach adulthood. more »


The Bump & Beyond

Check out The Bump & Beyond! -

Sponsored - The Bump & Beyond is a space where families can come and shop for items that are mother, baby and child friendly. more »

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Enter to win a Sammie & Sax 3 piece porcelain place setting

Kidliga features child-friendly plates, bowls and mugs, and an award-winning children’s book entitled, Sammie & Sax in the Land of Quinoa: The Search for a Balanced Meal more »

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Smile! Here’s How To Make Your Family Photo Session Fantastic

There’s no better season than fall to head outside with the kids and snap some gorgeous family photos. Whether you schedule a formal session with a professional photographer, or simply DIY with your own camera. more »


Trick or Treat Under the Sea 2

NC Aquarium Fort Fisher

Halloween Happenings and Fall Festivities

Don’t let the fall season pass you by without checking out these Halloween Happenings and Fall activities! more »


Are We Feeding Our Children Toxic Tuna?

According to a recent Consumer Reports study, the tuna fish sandwiches that so many of our children eat for lunch every day may be putting them at risk for ingesting dangerously high levels of mercury. more »


front planner

Bloom Planners

Practical and Stylish Planner

Bloom introduces teacher planners that are practical and stylish. more »

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Savor The Taste of Summer With Grilled Corn

One of the easiest (and yummiest!) side dishes that can be grilled up right beside your burgers and hot dogs is grilled corn. more »


Fanny Pack


Hip Appeal Fanny Pack Giveaway!

Hip Appeal comes in several different colors and makes carrying things like a phone, keys, and credit cards easy. Enter to win a Hip Appeal Hip Wrap! more »

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Back to School! How to Ease Those First Day Jitters

If your child shows signs of trepidation as the first day of school approaches, here are a few tips for helping turn that nervousness into eagerness. more »



Wilmington International Airport

Spending the Day Up, Up and Away!

Wilmington International Airport, also known as ILM, offers a variety of free and unique ways in which children can get an up close look at air travel. more »

Local Attractions

Yoga For Kids: What To Know and Where To Go

The practice of yoga can be particularly beneficial for children as they navigate through the increasing stresses of school, sports, busy schedules, hectic parents, and peer pressure. more »


Hyatt Regency Clearwater

Brandy Metzger

Marine Exhibits and the Arts in Clearwater FL

Clearwater, Florida offers a variety of family fun. From white sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets to Clearwater Aquarium, there is something for everyone. more »

Family Travel Journal

Staying Cool In Port City

Did you know that Wilmington offers several free or inexpensive options for cooling off besides the beach? more »

Local Attractions

BL hotel

Beacher's Lodge

Florida Travels: St. Augustine

St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States, offers a variety of attractions for visitors ranging from historical sites to animal encounters. more »

Family Travel Journal

Footprint Cookies

Annesophia Richards

Footprint Cookies are Fun to Make

I often turn to the kitchen to find ways to keep my little ones entertained. My son loves to help me bake, so when I heard of making “footprint” cookies using toys around the house, I knew he would love them. more »


The 5 Best Snacks to Pack for a Road Trip

Many families with little ones will soon be hitting the roads this summer while traveling on vacation, and one of the key essentials of any lengthy car trip with kids is the right kind of snacks. more »


Ferry Ride

Annesophia Richards

A Car Riding On A Boat? What Fun!

The idea of driving a car right onto a boat, and then of riding that boat across the river, is enough to make almost any small child excited. I know this firsthand, as my 3 year old son experienced his first ferry ride. more »

Local Attractions

Carolina Beach


Beach Bound? What to Know Before You Go

One of the best things about living in Wilmington is our proximity to some wonderful area beaches. Before you pack up the family and head out for a great beach day however, here’s a quick rundown of what to know... more »

Local Attractions

4 Tips on Keeping the Sun Fun!

Here are a few tips to help ease the stress and lessen the complaints of applying sunscreen to your little ones. more »




Bath Time Towel Apron Giveaway

Wear the Towel Apron Kbee Creations at bath time and when the bath is over, bring the little one to your chest and fold the towel upwards and this creates an easy transition from the bath to the towel. more »

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Healthy "Hamburger Helper" Recipe

A family meal that is easy to prepare and better for you without all of the processed chemicals found in the boxed brand. more »


Tempesto Roller Coaster


Busch Gardens’ Announces New Coaster Thrill Attraction, Tempesto

Busch Gardens’ newest thrill attraction, Tempesto™, debuts April 25 at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. more »




Sticker Club is a Fun Learning Experience for Kids

About a month ago my 6 year old daughter received a piece of mail from a friend asking her to participate in something called "sticker club". more »


BBQ chicken


Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Chicken Great for Busy Families

A few simple ingredients makes a delicious meal cooked in the slow cooker. more »


DIY: Make Your Own Hair Ties

Fold over elastic hair ties are very popular and easy to make. more »


kids eat free


Kids Eat Free in Wilmington

Check out this list of restaurants where your kids can eat for free! more »

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