Crock Pot


Here are some of our family’s favorite slow cooker recipes that require minimal ingredients, yet offer a variety of serving options that are sure to please everyone! more



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Try these easy chili recipes that deliver on both taste and ease of cooking, while keeping the finicky nature of little palates in mind. more



Annesophia Richards

Here are 3 simple quick and festive cookie recipes that require minimum time and effort, yet provide maximum flavor and smiles all around! more



Annesophia Richards

This Halloween, why not treat your kids to a few festive, wholesome snacks that they will want to eat? Check out these fun Halloween treats that are easy to make and simply adorable! more


Summer Pie

Annesophia Richards

Try this pie recipe perfect for a hot and muggy evening, with sweet, tart flavor and fresh fruit topping. more


Check out the below list of ideas of alternative ways to incorporate these incredibly healthy and delicious fruits into your summertime menus. more


Below are a few kid-tested and parent-approved delicious, healthy recipes to help your family celebrate the start of summer. more


We know it is a good idea to include a vegetable or fruit at each meal and snack. So how exactly do you increase these health-promoting foods in your daily routine? Here are just a few ideas to get you started… more

Fit Family Challenge 2016

strawberry picking

Brandy Metzger

We are fortunate to have several local pick-your-own strawberry farms so close by, and now is the perfect time to take your family for a visit. more

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Valentine Card

Annesophia Richards

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many of us are still searching for unique ways to show our families and friends just how much we love them. more


Here are a few ideas that the whole family will enjoy of ways to put those canes to good use in your kitchen. more


One of the easiest (and yummiest!) side dishes that can be grilled up right beside your burgers and hot dogs is grilled corn. more


Footprint Cookies

Annesophia Richards

I often turn to the kitchen to find ways to keep my little ones entertained. My son loves to help me bake, so when I heard of making “footprint” cookies using toys around the house, I knew he would love them. more


June is fast approaching, and with it comes sweet, local blueberries. Here are a few of our favorites when it comes to these little blue beauties. more

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A family meal that is easy to prepare and better for you without all of the processed chemicals found in the boxed brand. more


St. Patrick's Day is a great opportunity to create fun food and crafts with your children. more


chicken with pepperoni marinara

An easy weeknight recipe from Cooking Light. more


cranberry cocktail

Two recipes for mocktails that will make any holiday party more festive. more



These sweet pecans make a great snack, appetizer or gift. more


pumpkin shake

A delicious recipe for a refreshing pumpkin milkshake. more


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