Annesophia Richards

Win a Buggy Turbofan, the perfect solution to take along to cool the kids off. more

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To enter to win a Kano Motion Sensor Coding Kit for your child, simply comment below with why you would like to win. Deadline to enter is 5/31/18. more

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Kidstir offers monthly cooking kits that include three delicious, nutritious recipes, kid-size cooking tools, and several fun games and activities. more

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Wowee Magnaflex

These bendable, high-quality magnetic construction kits are the perfect gift this holiday season, as they help inspire kids of all ages to build anything they can imagine! more

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Noshi Food Paint

Noshi food paint is edible, brightly colored organic fruit puree that kids can use to paint on top of their food. With no added sugar, salt or preservatives, kids can use the puree to decorate their meals and then eat them! more



Jenn Fullagar

August 11th, marks the launch of an adorable, interactive new toy, the Fingerlings™ Baby Monkey from WowWee; enter our contest to win a Fingerlings™ Baby Monkey! more

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Annesophia Richards

To enter to win one of two Heart Keepsake Box Kits for your child, simply comment below with why you would like to win. Deadline to enter is 8/31/17. (2 Winners chosen at random) more

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Mermaid Positivity Pillows come in a dozen different styles and colors geared for both boys and girls - Enter to win a Mermaid Pillow! more

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This impressive disc swing allows kids to spin, swing, or simply spread out and relax! Enter to win a free Web Riderz Web Swing! more

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Tray Buddi

Lauren Jacob

Tray Buddi is an ingenious solution that keeps mealtime messes to a minimum. Enter to win a Tray Buddi for your little one simply by commenting below with why you would like to win by 4/30/17. more



Annesophia Richards

Enter to win a personalized Janiebee Nap Mat for your own one. more


Tech Tote

Enter to Win a Diono Buggy Tech Tote

The Diono Buggy Tech Tote is a new solution that helps keep children entertained while moms can stay connected and better organized. more

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Enter to win a Sammie & Sax 3 piece porcelain place setting

Kidliga features child-friendly plates, bowls and mugs, and an award-winning children’s book entitled, Sammie & Sax in the Land of Quinoa: The Search for a Balanced Meal more

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front planner

Bloom Planners

Practical and Stylish Planner

Bloom introduces teacher planners that are practical and stylish. more

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Fanny Pack

Hip Appeal comes in several different colors and makes carrying things like a phone, keys, and credit cards easy. Enter to win a Hip Appeal Hip Wrap! more

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Bare Republic

Behrman Communications

Budget Friendly Natural Sunscreen

Bare Republic offers a budget friendly, natural sunscreen. more

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Bath Time Towel Apron Giveaway

Wear the Towel Apron Kbee Creations at bath time and when the bath is over, bring the little one to your chest and fold the towel upwards and this creates an easy transition from the bath to the towel. more

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doterra oils

doTERRA Essential Oils

doTERRA offers quality essential oils that can be used for many purposes. more

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Enrich Culinary Endeavours with Raddish

Raddish subscription boxes introduce kids to international cuisine and cooking skills. more

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John Metzger

A Local Artist Offers a Little Shine to Customers

Local artist, Hilary Brady, makes affordable, fun jewelry for many occasions. more

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