Annesophia Richards

Annesophia Richards

Annesophia is an English teacher turned stay-at-home mother. When she’s not spending her time chasing around her two little ones, she can be found freelance writing, running, exploring all that Wilmington has to offer, and drinking lots and lots of coffee.

Child Sleeping

Alessandro Zangrilli

Experienced parents and pediatricians agree that establishing daily routines in the lives of young children is extremely important. more


Earth Day

Residents and visitors are invited to attend this free, family-friendly event and enjoy lots of food, beverages, vendors, live entertainment, a children’s zone, and learning center. more

Local Attractions

Tray Buddi

Lauren Jacob

Tray Buddi is an ingenious solution that keeps mealtime messes to a minimum. Enter to win a Tray Buddi for your little one simply by commenting below with why you would like to win by 4/30/17. more

Parenting 6 Comments

Azalea Fest 2

Wilmington’s annual community celebration returns this week with the 70th North Carolina Azalea Festival. Here’s a roundup of all the exciting festival happenings you and your kids will be sure to enjoy! more

Local Attractions

In honor of April Fools’ Day, here’s a round up of 10 fun, kid-friendly tricks that are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. more


By hosting, families give visiting students the opportunity to experience American life in a loving, nurturing environment: mentoring them and taking them in as their own. more


Buddy Phones

For a chance to win a pair of BuddyPhones InFlight headphones for your child, simply comment below with why you would like to win by 3/31/17. Winner chosen at random. more

Destinations 16 Comments

Grocery Shopping


Several Wilmington-area grocery chains now offer families the convenience and ease of shopping for groceries from the comfort of home. more


According to a recent article by Consumer Reports, there has been little to no improvement in the overall nutritional content of children’s restaurant meal options. What can parents do? more


Crock Pot


Here are some of our family’s favorite slow cooker recipes that require minimal ingredients, yet offer a variety of serving options that are sure to please everyone! more



Annesophia Richards

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to let your little artists have fun and get messy with some paint and homemade stamps. more


Climb Tree

Kristi West

Although some parents may tend to steer their children away from a potentially risky outdoor activity like climbing trees, research has shown that tree climbing is in fact a healthy endeavor for children. more



Annesophia Richards

With a little improvisation and creativity, parents can create their own made-up tales. more



Wikimedia Commons

Try these easy chili recipes that deliver on both taste and ease of cooking, while keeping the finicky nature of little palates in mind. more


A result of new findings suggests that a peanut allergy can be prevented by early introduction of foods containing peanuts. more


Here are several nearby opportunities where kids and adults alike can enjoy the thrills of sledding and skating. more

Day Trips


Annesophia Richards

The North Carolina Chinese Lantern Festival has taken over Cary’s Booth Amphitheatre, with over 20 enchanted displays, each one comprised of hundreds of parts and thousands of LED lights. more

Day Trips

play snow

Annesophia Richards

Here is a simple, DIY way to create play snow that is sure to please your little ones this winter! more



Annesophia Richards

Children are never too young to learn how to handle disappointment and display gratitude and thankfulness when they receive a gift from a loved one. more



Annesophia Richards

Here are 3 simple quick and festive cookie recipes that require minimum time and effort, yet provide maximum flavor and smiles all around! more


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  • Is there a class for 8-12 yr. old children?

    Peggy Fennelly | Kids Cooking Classes

  • My little one is almost 7 months old and finds it hilarious to feed the dog! 😜 We need this! 😊

    Jennifer | Enter to Win a Tray Buddi

  • Would love to win one for my baby boy who is loving weaning a little too much and thinks it's hilar

    Samantha Evans | Enter to Win a Tray Buddi

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