Win a Cape Decorating Kit for Your Little Superhero

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My son loves super heroes and we are planning a super hero style bday in January. We would love a kit to try out and maybe use at his bday party. Go super heroes!!!


Marianna more than 4 years ago

DIY Capes!

I would love to win a cape to give to my niece as a Christmas present! (

Crystal more than 4 years ago

Do-It-Yourself Cape Decorating Kit

I would love to be entered to win a cape kit for my little boy (who LOVES super heroes)! My email address is :)

Tiffany more than 4 years ago

Making your own cape

This gives me a great idea for a Halloween costume. When I was growing up we always made out own costumes. That was half the fun!!

Charlotte Hieronymus more than 4 years ago